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About Sage Sanitizer

Sage™ Sanitizing Systems are manufacturers and distributors of cleaning, sanitizing and hygiene equipment, which have been specifically designed for Commercial Catering Foodservice and Animal Welfare Facilities.

Sagewash Sanitizer is a revolutionary, patented, 21st Century system that changes the way people sanitise.  Sagewash Sanitizer means disenfections from the end of a standard water hose!

It is safe to use with animals, and:

  1. It's effectiveness, safety, cost, and ease of use easily surpasses all other sanitizers;
  2. It eliminates the dangerous viruses and bacteria that plague society;
  3. It is up to 120 times more effective than household bleach in eliminating odours and disease.

Beechview Kennel Runs are the exclusive Ireland distributors for Sage Sanitizing systems.

Click "play" on the video below for an overview of how the System Works.