Lewis, a budding member of the team!
Bailey, with a very festive looking Newfoundland!

About Us


Beechview Kennel Runs was the first business of its kind here in Northern Ireland and have been producing Hot Dipped galvanised pet housing for over 20 years. Proprietor and founder Brian Lyons runs the business from home, 8 miles outside Ballymoney in Co. Antrim. He has a great personal interest in the Dog Run business as he and his partner Joan own over 20 dogs themselves ranging from Newfoundlands right down to Pomeranian's. It was this love of dogs and their safe keeping which indeed inspired Brian to start this established business. Beechview Kennel Runs is very much a family run business with son-in-law Scottie & Martin in employment.



The majority of our sales and output is for dog kennel runs and dog cages (we have also built quite a few catteries too). These are tailor made to any shape or size and are easily erected, added to or indeed taken down. The panels are all hot dipped galvanised so both the dog cages and kennel runs are a life time job. We supply all sorts of panels from an outdoor puppy pen ,multiple runs and car dog cages all of which are measured and made to suit your requirements. We have supplied satisfied customers with kennel runs to all areas both in North and South of Ireland including boarding kennels and animal shelters. Orders from Northern Ireland are delivered and erected free of charge. England, Scotland and Isle of Man customers are welcome but a shipping/delivery charge will apply, please contact us for more information.