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Our Company Mascots...

Japanese Akitas in one of our kennel runs.
12ft. x 6ft. Kennel Run

12ft. x 6ft. weld mesh pen with void for attaching a kennel to. This optimises kennel run space.
Multiple Kennel Runs
Here is a sample of multiple kennel runs with half galvanised sheeting.
Multiple Kennel Runs

Here is a sample of multiple kennel runs attached to a building.
Large Kennel run with internal runs.

This kennel run has been made with a large area run and internal small runs for rest and feeding.
Large Kennel Run with internal Kennel Run.

Superb area for huskys to exercise and play!
Our Kennel Runs are Versatile

Here is a Kennel Run attached to a caravan!
Multiple Kennel Runs

Multiple Kennel Runs attached to custom shed.
Roofed Kennel Run

Box section and weld mesh pen which has been one eigth sheeted and roofed.
Roofed Kennel Run

Box section and weld mesh. Complete with void for kennel, which maximises interior space.
Fully Adaptable!! Here is a perfect example of how adaptable our Kennel Runs are!
Many Roofed Kennel Runs

Roofed multiple kennel runs.
Interior Pens

These multiple interior pens have been added to the interior of a custom shed.
Multiple Exterior Pens

These multiple exterior pens have been sheeted at the back.
Interior Puppy Pens

These multiple interior puppy pens have been partially sheeted.
Exterior Pens

Large number of external pens added to an outbuilding.
Exterior Pens View 2

A large number of external runs attached to an outbuilding.
Vertical Bar Large Kennel Run

Large Kennel Run fitted with vertical bar panels.
Vertical Bar Kennel Run

A happy dog within his bar panelled kennel run.
Kennel Runs attached to a shed

12ft. x 8ft. pen with void for attachment to shed.
12ft. x 8ft. Kennel Run

This kennel run was made with two voids for two kennels. Attaching the kennels to the outside saves interior space.
Pen added to the side of a house

This pen was added to a custom base at the side of a house.
Multiple Barred Kennel Runs.

Multiple barred kennel runs added to the inside of a building.
Puppy Pen.

Our puppy pens can be tailor made to suit your puppy. They are very easily erected and just as easy to take down!
Multiple Kennel Runs.

A side view of multiple kennel runs.
Blue ¾ Sheeted panel

A close up of our PVC sheeting, no noise and very hygenic and low maintenance
Sheeted Puppy panels

Indoor puppy panels which have been sheeted with our high impact PVC
Double Pen

This double run with twin kennels has been solid roofed.
Roofed Barred Kennel Runs

This barred Double kennel run has a solid roof and twin kennels.
Double Roofed Pen

This double pen has been solid roofed and is attached to a PVC lined shed.
Interior Runs

Our latest Interior Runs specially made for Miss Eve Smail's Kennels Toybox Pomeranians.
New Boarding Kennels

These new exterior boarding kennels have been ¾ sheeted with blue PVC
New Boarding Kennels

Our lastest 10 block boarding kennel, sheeted with blue PVC and solid roofed with non-drip cladding.
Interior Sleeping Quarters

These Interior quaters have been lined, have swivel feeders and weighted pulley systems
Exterior Boarding kennels

This view of the exterior of our lastest boarding kennels shows its exterior safety corridor and interior safety gate
Large Outdoor Exercise Area. Built for "Wag-e Tails" in Carryduff.
Wag-e-tails exterior exercise runs. We also supplied the building and roofing!
Multiple interior PVC sheeted puppy pens
Aother new interior block completed by Beechview